Architects llp
linden road

Turn Architects really listen. They came and had a good look at our home. Then they took our long wish list of thoughts about how we wanted to live and organised them into a beautiful - yet simple - solution for our home. By focusing on restoring elements of our house to their original positions, the resulting design looked and felt absolutely right - as if the house had always been that way. We also saved money by not needing architectural steels.

There was keen focus on making the most practical use of space possible. Turn found niches of space and transformed them into fantastic storage solutions. Thinking about how light enters the property was also top of the agenda, so that the finished design would allow light to flood into our home.

With design concepts in place, Turn then made sure we were realistic in understanding how far our budget could stretch. It was a much needed reality check. With our feasibility study complete, we were then in a very strong position to put our project out to tender and secure the builder that we wanted.

Sarah Coombes
July 2017